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2023 Anaphlaxis Policy (.pdf 832 KB)
2023 Cash Handling Policy (.pdf 882 KB)
2023 First Aid Policy (.pdf 613 KB)
Asthma Policy (.pdf 852 KB)
Attendance Policy (.pdf 487 KB)
Bullying Prevention Policy 2022 (.pdf 851 KB)
Camp - Volunteers Participation at School Camps Policy (.pdf 425 KB)
Camp Policy (.pdf 97 KB)
Camps and Excursions Policy (.pdf 705 KB)
Cash Handling Policy (.pdf 781 KB)
Child Safety and Code of Conduct Policy 2022 (.pdf 515 KB)
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2022 (.pdf 868 KB)
Class Structure & Student Placement Policy (.pdf 328 KB)
Complaints Policy (.docx 115 KB)
Computer and Internet Student Code of Practice (.pdf 320 KB)
Curriculum and Student Learning Framework Guide Policy (.pdf 740 KB)
Digital Technolgies Policy and Acceptable Use Agreement (.pdf 889 KB)
Drug Education Policy (.pdf 329 KB)
Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 833 KB)
Electronic Funds Management Policy (.docx 117 KB)
Excursion Policy (.pdf 326 KB)
First Aid Policy (.pdf 818 KB)
Food Policy (.pdf 660 KB)
Head Lice Policy (.pdf 239 KB)
Homework Policy (.pdf 340 KB)
Inclusion and Diversity Policy (.pdf 499 KB)
LOTE Policy (.pdf 696 KB)
Medication Policy (.pdf 508 KB)
Medication Request Form (.pdf 223 KB)
Mobile Phone Policy - Student Use (.pdf 716 KB)
Occupational Health and Safety Policy (.pdf 436 KB)
Parent Complaint Policy DET Booklet (.pdf 1 MB)
Parent/Community Grievance Policy (.pdf 697 KB)
Privacy Policy (.pdf 541 KB)
Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy 2022 (.pdf 790 KB)
School Yard Duty and Supervision Policy (.docx 291 KB)
Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy (.pdf 652 KB)
Sunsmart Policy (.pdf 788 KB)
Supervision and Duty of Care Policy (.pdf 448 KB)
Swimming Policy (.pdf 159 KB)
Uniform Policy (.pdf 613 KB)
Values & Philosophy Policy (.pdf 655 KB)
Visitors Policy (.pdf 665 KB)
Volunteers Policy (.pdf 765 KB)
Working with children check policy and procedures (.pdf 734 KB)
Yard Duty Policy (.pdf 551 KB)
Uniform Comprehensive List (.pdf 194 KB)
Uniform Policy (.pdf 613 KB)
Uniform Price List (.pdf 169 KB)