Our students are expected to be active participants in their education and take appropriate responsibility for themselves as learners.

We encourage all students to demonstrate a sense of optimism, responsibility, tolerance and inclusiveness in all their personal and social interactions. Clarinda’s strong student welfare approach is reflected in the excellent responses to the Parent Opinion and Student Attitudes to School surveys. We value socially competent students who are aware of their responsibilities to the wider community. We offer all students, staff and families a strong sense of community. Our older students are actively encouraged to undertake social responsibilities through the Buddy system and School and House Captain opportunities.

We have strong programs in place to support the various transitions made by our students; into the school, between grade levels and exiting from the school.

Our Prep students’ transition to school was nurtured and supported by our excellent pre-school transition programs conducted throughout the year prior to their commencement in Prep.

Clarinda Primary School also prides itself on its caring and nurturing environment to provide the best possible services to support student wellbeing. The school provides a speech pathologist on a weekly basis and has access to the following services:

  • Department of Education and Training Speech Pathologist and Psychologists
  • Annual visits by the School Nurse and Dental van
  • Fully qualified first aid staff
  • Human development
  • Rookies program

These students are elected by their peers and hold the position for a year. The Student Council is convened by a staff member and meets at least twice per term.…Read More