The staff at Clarinda, supported by the School Council, have established an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness towards all members of the school community and visitors to the school.

Principal Class

Mr Mallett – Principal

Ms Joyce – Assistant Principal


Mrs Young

Mrs Williams

Mrs Matti

Year 1/2

Mrs Moriani

Ms Pilakis

Ms Pashos

Miss Loveday

Year 3/4

Miss Delany

Mrs Trumble

Miss Ziebell & Mrs McNamee

Miss Neaves

Year 5/6

Ms Ferre

Miss Brockman

Mrs Marikar (M-W) &
Mrs Borland (Th-F)

Miss Sakeson

Mrs Koskarti


Mr Wells – Music & STEM

Mrs Leopold – PE

Mrs Marikar – Art

Ms Zapantis & Mrs Xenofontos – Greek

Mrs Hutchinson & Ms Pertile – Tutor Learning Initiative

Learning Specialist

Mrs McNamee (Literacy)

Miss Ziebell (Numeracy)

Links and STEPPING UP (Pre-Prep Program)

Ms Zapantis & Mrs Pouki

Education Support

Mrs Schache

Mrs McKinley

Mrs Pouki

Mrs Wilson

Miss McLeod

Mrs Matti

Mrs McLeod

Mrs Grivas

Mrs Wall


Mrs Hardaker – Monday and Wednesday

Speech Pathologist

Ms Indra Kreismanis – Tuesday

Office Administration

Mrs Robinson – Business Manager

Mrs Morrison (M-W)

Mrs Irwing (Th-F)


Mr Thompson (Th)