The core Literacy teaching at Clarinda Primary School is presented through the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop model of teaching. Each lesson is broken up into: mini lesson, independent working time and sharing time. The core aspects of the Workshop model centre on:

Values of the Workshop Model

Time – the main block of the Workshop hour is given to students to independently read or write. If we want students to become strong readers and writers, we need to give them time to do it.

Choice – students who have choice over what they read and write will automatically become more engaged in their learning, and will enjoy the process more.

Conferring – during Independent Reading and Writing time, teachers confer (work one-on-one) with each student. Students are taught at their exact point of need and work with their teacher to set personal learning goals.

We are passionate about helping our students grow into lifelong readers and writers, and we know that the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop model of teaching allows us to do this.

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