The first school, on a site adjacent to the present one, was opened on June 20th 1899, in a building leased from the Presbyterian Church. The school was named “Bald Hill Leased School”, after the “hill” or rise upon which it was situated.

In 1901 the name was changed to “Bay View”. At the time “Bay View” was, of course an appropriate name, as there was an unobstructed view of the bay from the school. Even today the bay can be seen quite clearly looking south down Eulinga Road on a good day.

After much agitation from discontented parents regarding the unsatisfactory nature of the leased building, the Education Department eventually agreed to build a new school (at the cost of £303 10s ), and this was opened on September 12th, 1904 with 72 children in attendance.

By 1913 the name had been changed again – this time to “Clarinda”, the name by which the old Bald Hill area had become known.

“Clarinda” is a girl’s name, which appears in one of Robert Burns romantic poems and was obviously chosen by some of the early settlers or their descendants, who wished to maintain some link with their Scottish Homeland. Clarinda also means “Clear View”.

The 1904 building was demolished, together with later additions, when the school was rebuilt in the early 1970’s.

In 1962, Clayton West Primary School opened with between 270 and 280 pupils, of which approximately 200 were drawn from Clarinda.

Clarinda Primary School celebrated its Centenary on 20th June 1999.

At the start of 2007 Clarinda Primary School and Clayton West Primary School combined to form the new Clarinda Primary School.

In 2007 a new gallery was built in between two existing portables and a third new portable, making way for two new classrooms and a large communal space.

In 2008 and 2009 interactive whiteboards were installed in all classrooms.

In 2008 our hall was extended. It can now accommodate the whole school for assembly. It is spacious and bright, with lots of storage.

In 2010 two classrooms on the North end of the main building were demolished and a new free standing building built, which contains 4 new classrooms and a library.

In 2019 two further portable classrooms were installed on the south west side of the school oval to accomodate increased student enrollment.

During 2020 the school was granted entitlement to a new section of the main building. The southern end of the old building including the breezeway and toilet block were demolished and a new prefabricated construction installed. Providing the students with light and airy classrooms, new toilet facilities and several outdoor deck areas with views over our extensive grounds.