The Council is an elected and constituted legal entity. The composition and activities of the School Council are governed by a constitution made in accordance with the Education Act 1958 as amended in 1993.

Composition of the School Council
The present Council consist of fourteen members;

  • 8 elected parents
  • 3 Department of Education employees
  • the Principal of the school
  • 2 Co-opted members

School Council & the Parent and Community Club recently completed their AGM for 2021 and also elected office bearers for 2022.
Our School Council for 2022 is:

2 x Comunity Vacancies

Executive Robbie Mallett (DET)
President Victoria Koutsoubos
Vice President Bill Ganas
Treasurer Christine Asmanis
Secretary Katelyn Joyce (DET)
Committee Members  
Mel Doolan
Annie McDougall
Nandani Singal
Vivek Krishnan
Yariv Alfie
Jo Moriani (DET)
Effie Pilakis (DET)


The duties of the School Council – are outlined by the Education (School Councils) Act, 1993 as follows:

  1. A Council shall, with regard to the school;
    1. determine the general educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister;
    2. exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition;
    3. make any recommendations it thinks necessary for or with respect to the replacement or alteration of any buildings, and generally for or with respect to, the making of improvements to the buildings and grounds;
    4. provide for the necessary cleaning and sanitary services;
    5. ensure that all moneys coming into the hands of the Council are expended for proper purposes;
    6. endeavour to arrange suitable accommodation for teachers appointed to the school;
    7. carry our any prescribed duties;
    8. generally stimulate interest in the school.
  2.  A Council shall publish each year, for the benefit of persons interested in the school, a report of its activities containing a copy of the last statement of receipts and expenditure sent to the Auditor General pursuant to section 15F.
  3. Meetings;
  4. The Council normally meets twice per term in the staffroom at 7.00pm on Tuesday evenings.
  5. Sub-committees;
    • The Council has established sub-committees;
      •  Finance
      • Education/Promotion
      • Buildings and Grounds
      • Parents’ Club
    • The Convenor (selected by the Council) of each of the sub-committees has formed a small group to develop ideas and recommendations to present to the Council for consideration and appropriate action.